Modules in Real Project

Real Project Project Setup

Project Setup : All the information related to a project is managed using project setup. It consist of ten steps and each step deals with managing information of different entities (Blocks, Flat, Installments etc.) involved in a project. Apart from this it helps to manage the price escalation in the project.

Project Budget : Master estimate can be created for different project types. The budget for a specific project can be created based on the master estimate. The project budget will assist in managing the material and cost of the project, Notification in the form of alert message or color code will be displayed in case of surpassing the budgeted value.

Project Management : This module manages all the operations required to be performed by a real estate builder. Managing supply and purchase monitoring of materials through material indent, purchase order and good receipt note. Generating work order for the contractor and managing cash indent and cash expenses.

Customer Management : This module is for managing the customers. The booking details of the customer are captured, the call letters as well as reminder letters can be generated for customers based on the flat he/she has booked. In some cases the client want to surrendered the booked flat due to one reason or the other, the system facilitates to surrender their booking. The system also allows to transfer their booking i.e. change his/her booking details. All the documents that are sent to the customer can be retraced.

Account Management : All the payments are managed using this module. The basic work flow is voucher creation, voucher approval and payment. Every payment is reflected in the party ledger, which can be viewed under project management.

Report : The system generates various types of reports that are very handy for decision making and performing business operations.


  • Receipt Report - Details of the payment made by the customers.
  • Payment Report – Payment made to the different contractors.
  • Day Book- Daily receipt and payment made.

Project management

  • Party Ledger- The financial transaction details with different vendor, contractors, current assets and current liabilities..
  • TDS Report- Month wise TDS deduction done in contractor reports.

Client management

  • Client Report – Client ledger that can be viewed client wise / project wise.

Delegation of Work : Task assignment based on the pyramid structure of the organization. Articulate a specific outcome and include the delivery timeline while assigning a task. Until the assigned task is done, the hand-off is not complete. Track the assigned tasks and evaluate the performance using the assessment report over a specific period of time.

  • Assign the task to one person. Ask them to confirm that they understand the assignment and have accepted responsibility for it. Until this is done, the hand-off is not complete. In American football, it’s called a “fumble”.
  • Articulate a specific outcome. In other words, what exactly are you expecting the other person to deliver to you or for you. I always start the assignment with a verb (e.g., “Call,” “Notify,” “Write,” “Order,” etc.) and finish it with an objective “deliverable.” You have to be able to tell whether the task was completed as assigned.
  • Include your delivery timetable. Some projects have hard fast deadlines. For example, I might tell someone I need a task done by “the close of business on Friday.” Others are not as time sensitive. I might say I need a task done, “anytime in the next two weeks.” Regardless, you have to express your expectations and be clear.
  • Make yourself available for consultation. You want to be a resource, but you don’t want to micro-manage the other person. The best way to do this is to stay focused on theoutcome rather than the process. I personally don’t care how the other person gets the job done (assuming it is ethical); I only care about the end-result.
  • Track the delegated task on a to-do list. This is crucial. Not everyone you delegate to will have a good task management system in place. Perhaps those directly under your supervision will—because you trained them—but what about the others?



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The software has helped us in keeping the track of our business to our satisfaction. We shall be very happy to engage them in future for out IT requirements like data processing, software development and management. We wish them success in the near future.

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